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Oil pan distance ring SPORT

Oil pan distance ring SPORT Part Number: 1113110

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Siebenrock Oil Pan Distance Ring “Sport”

Weight Optimized Deep Sump Conversion

This light weight version of the Siebenrock oil pan distance ring has been weight optimized and it fits all 2V boxer engines from /5 onward. Once installed, the oil quantity is increased by a considerable 1.3 liters – and this effectively reduces the engine temperature. The distance ring is the optimum supplement to the Siebenrock Power and Replacement Kits.

Please Note The kit is supplied with everything needed to install including oil pan gaskets. Two high quality gaskets are supplied with this version.

Important: Some older models have a center Stand with two horizontal struts. The upper strut may need to be re-located (re-welded) into a lower position to allow clearance for this sump extension. Optionally, the center stand can be removed.

all 2V boxer engines from /5 onward

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